Balanced Trees Bear Richer Fruit

Originally Posted by our partner association, Joint Marketing Initiative.


Bukonzo Joint Co-operative (BJC) helped develop a gender justice methodology that is central to the organisation. The methodology was taught at the household level and has permeated the entire co-operative with inspirational results. A gender-balance tree is introduced as a tool to analyse the participation of men and women in the household and the community. BJC has gained international recognition for their work in gender justice. The program has empowered BJC farmers to produce coffee under the same methodology – with joint participation of both men and women at every level of the process.


BJC adopted their name because they are the “Bukonzo” people from Western Uganda. The word “Joint” signifies that they have come together as one to produce and market their coffee. Their focus on unity is seen in their motivation for gender balance within the co-operative. “Balanced Trees Bear Richer Fruit”.