Work for a Cup

Originally Posted by our partner association, Joint Marketing Initiative.

As much as I love brewing coffee, there are some mornings I roll out of bed loathing the work involved in making my first cup of the day. Those special mornings when a cup appears at my bedside are like a little taste of heaven. I just prop myself up, inhale the aroma, take my first sip and it’s magic.

And then I find myself in Ft. Portal, Western Uganda at a workshop aiming to help farmers understand how everything they do from picking, pulping, washing, sorting, drying and storing coffee can affect cup quality.

The aim is to reach farmers in very rural parts of Western Uganda, some of whom believe that coffee is used to make ammunition. Paineto (Bukonzo Joint Cooperative) tells me about farmers high up in the Ruwenzori Mountains who cut down their coffee trees when they hear rumors of war in order to stop the production of bullets. When he sits down with these farmers and explains that coffee is actually a beverage that people consume, they cannot believe people could possibly drink that much coffee.


Paineto and his field staff have to travel quite a ways to share this information with rural farmers. They walk miles in steep terrain to visit and train their farmers in improved coffee processing methods, including organic farming techniques.


Lying in bed at home, I mistook that sip of coffee that appeared at my bedside for magic, but really it was just a lot of hard work coming together to make something truly beautiful… a good cup of coffee.

So thank you, farmers and producers, for delighting us every morning with your fine work.