Capacity Building for Fair Trade and Organic Certification

aboriginal-art-background-indigenous-african-patterns-texture.jpgThroughout the year, Bukonzo Joint offers training to its members, and to others interested in developing and improving similar organizations in Uganda and elsewhere in the world.

Participants in past workshops have come from Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Latin America, Bangladesh, Netherlands, India, and Pakistan.

These trainings focus on a variety of topics including gender action learning, women’s empowerment, business plan management, leadership skills, financial management, accounting and record keeping for family businesses as well as the operation of a VSLA.

In 2010 Bukonzo Joint enrolled our farmers in a three-year-long organic certification program funded by Solidaridad, an NGO based in the Netherlands.. We completed the program this year and now are proud to say that  thousands of Bukonzo Joint farmers are triple certified — under Fair Trade, USDA Organic and EU Organic rules. In 2012 Bukonzo Joint became a US Fairtrade certified organization.

The training our farmers received and are continuing to receive under these programs includes instruction in the best methods and techniques of organic farming for the continued improvement of their coffee’s already high quality, and a comprehensive course in the long-term benefits of sustainable agriculture. The resulting triple certifications and Fairtrade certification gives Bukonzo Joint coffee a distinct competitive advantage in the international market for specialty coffee.