Women’s Empowerment and Gender Justice

Person 2We believe that it only when women have an equal say in households, decisions and financial planning, that we can address the root causes of poverty. Our men and women sit down to work out practical ways to build our lives together.

Over 83% of our members and 55% of our board are women. We are proud of the international reputation we have gained for our work in rural communities on gender justice. We are working with other co-operatives across East Africa to train them in our approach including Women’s Empowerment Mainstreaming and Networking (WEMAN) and Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS).

The GALS process has led 67% of our married farming households to have joint names on documents for coffee certification. This increase of female ownership has also increased female land ownership in our region leading to significant changes in decision-making and division of labor within the household.

In October of 2013, Hivos funded Bukonzo Joint’s GALS leaders to teach Tanzanian coffee co-operatives about the methodology to promote gender justice throughout the coffee value chain.